Doing business responsibly at SIEGENIA

SIEGENIA is continually shaping the future of building and living and is constantly driving sustainability forward with innovative product solutions and tailored services. Always whilst keeping sight of the company's goal of helping to create a better world with a better quality of life. We review all our working and production processes with a clear focus on sustainability, are prudent in our handling of resources and mindful of our impact on the environment, and actively help to protect the environment and mitigate climate change. 

Our climate protection roadmap to 2028

A central element of our efforts is our climate protection roadmap, which includes measures to steadily reduce CO2 emissions. One key, transparent goal is to make the carbon footprint of our company's own energy consumption climate-neutral by 2028 in line with the GHG Protocol. We have already reached an important milestone on this front: since 2019, we have reduced CO2 emissions from energy consumption (Scope 1 and 2 under the GHG Protocol) by over 20%. We are continuing this trend by implementing additional measures, such as introducing photovoltaic systems at our factories, making effective energy savings – by switching to LED lighting, for example – and increasing the efficiency of our production processes. After all, our guiding principle for ecologically sustainable behaviour is: avoid first, then reduce, then offset.

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Comprehensive EPDs

We have had a digital sustainability system firmly in place since 2019, which we use to track the carbon footprint across all business units. The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) introduced in 2023 is further proof of our high aspirations in this vital area. The Life Cycle Assessment enables us to systematically record the environmental impact and energy footprint of our products – from production to the end of the product's service life. This allows us to maximise transparency and identify specific opportunities for improving our environmental performance. We have conducted analysis for all product groups, covering everything from mechanical fittings and motorised drives to our very latest smart products. This forms the basis for our Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), which have been created by ift Rosenheim as an accredited provider of the programme for our window hardware and electric drives. Our first published EPDs are now available at Download area. Further EPDs are already in the process of being compiled.

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Working together for a more sustainable future

Our vision is to help shape the way we build and live for future generations – in both a responsible and innovative way. That's why, as a company in the construction supply industry, we are actively engaged in developing and implementing the processes needed for this.
Our solutions also allow us to support our customers in their efforts to become more sustainable:

  • Provision of verified information about our company's carbon footprint and the Life Cycle Assessment of our solutions 
  • Fabrication of environmentally friendly product solutions with significantly lower emissions than standard products
  • A dialogue about sustainability expertise: we enjoy discussing all aspects of sustainability with our customers

A focus on sustainability

Feel free to talk to us about our sustainability measures at FENSTERBAU FRONTALE or join us for our fascinating presentations on this subject. We will also keep you up to date with all the latest news during the trade fair on this microsite. For more information or to make an enquiry, please contact us at

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