Superior façade ventilation: with the AEROMAT VT, SIEGENIA has further improved the decentralised ventilation system at every level. This new generation offers five device variants on a single, standardised casing platform – from passive vents to supply air and exhaust air variants, and even two versions boasting heat recovery of up to 95%. This allows maximum flexibility when it comes to planning modern ventilation concepts. The ventilator also impresses thanks to its versatility, with the option of visible or concealed integration into reveals, walls or lintels. What's more, the equipment can be customised, too: alongside excellent sound absorption and air throughput, the high level of heat recovery – which makes it eligible for subsidies – and the filter and control options make for a healthy, comfortable climate. 

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Thanks to its newly developed rotary heat exchanger technology, the AEROPLUS WRG is the first wall-mounted ventilator to provide supply-air and exhaust-air ventilation simultaneously in one compact device, with outstanding performance values. It combines high air throughput with energy-efficient heat recovery of up to 93%, excellent sound absorption and low inherent noise levels. This makes it an excellent alternative to conventional push-pull ventilators for projects with extremely high sound absorption requirements or for energy-efficient renovations. It can also be equipped with various sensor, filter and control options for the perfect comfortable climate. 

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Ventilation control unit

The new convenient solution makes it extremely easy to provide a demand-based, energy-efficient supply of fresh air, as it allows up to nine ventilation units to be controlled simultaneously. The external control unit for the AEROMAT VT system and the AEROPLUS WRG is wall-mounted, making it easier to operate hard-to-reach ventilators. Connecting the ventilator and the control unit is straightforward and uses a pre-assembled bus cable based on the plug-and-play principle. In the version with sensors, the ventilation control unit features an integrated temperature and humidity sensor as well as a CO2 sensor, which automatically activates the ventilation level required for the exchange of air based on the need.

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