TITAN 90° opening restrictor

The new TITAN 90° opening restrictor protects the sash and hinge side against improper use and damage: it limits the turn-opening width of the sash to 90°, thus preventing it from bumping against the reveal or against furnishings. To achieve this, the sash is attenuated before reaching the 90° position to allow it to be moved effortlessly to the end position, where it can also be locked in place. The solution is not only durable and easy to use, but it is also extremely robust, as confirmed by successful testing in accordance with DOEB guidelines. Simple to install and requiring zero maintenance, the new opening restrictor is suitable for use with both surface-mounted and concealed hinge sides in turn-only and turn-and-tilt windows with all profile materials. It will be rolled out gradually from late summer onwards.

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TITAN safety and comfort opening restrictors

Turning windows to open them is easy and effortless, but not all windows should be capable of being opened unrestricted. That's why SIEGENIA has developed two special restrictors, which limit the turn-opening of turning sashes and turn-and-tilt sashes to a maximum of 89 mm, without the need for additional release mechanisms on the window sash. With the comfort version, the restrictor can be decoupled quickly and easily if needed with a flick of the wrist. In addition, a version compliant with EN 13126-5 is also available for cases with special requirements in terms of child safety. This version now comes fitted with an anti-slam device, which prevents the sash from closing unintentionally when ventilating the room. 

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TITAN heavy duty

Beginning in the second quarter of the year, the new version of the TITAN heavy duty hinge side will guarantee outstanding ease of use for heavy window sashes, including for elements with a threshold. It is also possible to implement barrier-free solutions. The high-performance hinge side, which can reliably support turning sashes weighing up to 300 kg and turn-and-tilt sashes weighing up to 200 kg, is suitable for timber window profiles and combines a high load capacity with a sophisticated look and impressive energy efficiency. An added advantage is that familiar production processes can continue to be used and the 3D adjustment feature also makes it quick and easy to adjust the sash during on-site installation without having to lift it.

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