It’s magic. The new dimension of smart living.

The house of the future is enchanting. And the magic formula? Centralised control by means of universal networking. Everything is connected and everything can be linked together and controlled centrally, regardless of the producer, to create useful scenarios.
But a smart home isn't complete without a smart building envelope. Thanks to SIEGENIA's pioneering spirit, a new dimension of modern living is now possible. 

Take the world's first central locking system for the home, for example. The front door, windows, sliding door and garage door close and lock automatically with a voice command or via the app. And when you come home, the house opens up in the same smart way. At the same time, motorised windows and sliding doors open to bring fresh air into the rooms together with ventilators. The future of living is already here.

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Smart solutions that are easy to integrate into a smart home system: this is the future and this is precisely where SIEGENIA is focusing its products and innovations.

Based on the Matter smart home standard, which has been adopted by all the major platforms and producers, SIEGENIA solutions provide 360° room comfort right from the start. Right from the installation stage, and later on when using them day-to-day. From using voice commands or a central app for easy control, to practical remote access and networked scenarios. SIEGENIA provides solutions that enrich smart living.


Feel at home in the future with SIEGENIA today.

Expectations are changing for the homes of tomorrow. Smart systems don't just offer greater convenience and security. They create healthy spaces, make buildings more economical and increase their value. This requires mutually compatible solutions that can be intelligently networked.

SIEGENIA is at the forefront of this movement, prioritising targeted smartification of the building envelope and its centralised control. And now, at FENSTERBAU FRONTALE, the company is showcasing these new possibilities in an industry first. 

With solutions for windows such as the DRIVE CL motor function, the smart window handle and the smart sensor. With the DRIVE axxent LS drive, the new automation solution for sliding doors. With the fully motorised AS 2600 GENIUS multi-point lock, which delivers a smart home experience that starts the moment you go through the front door. And with sensor-controlled wall-mounted ventilators such as the AEROPLUS WRG smart and AEROTUBE WRG smart, which communicate with windows and sliding doors to provide a combination of healthy indoor air and sustainable energy efficiency.

Intelligent scenarios, centrally controlled.
It’s magic.

Visit FENSTERBAU FRONTALE to discover how SIEGENIA is helping to shape the way we live in the future with smart solutions and intelligent scenarios.

Central locking

Everyone knows the feeling. You leave the house and find yourself wondering: Have I forgotten something? All are the windows closed? What about the garage? Now you can forget about forgetting! Thanks to SIEGENIA and the first home central locking system – with just a flick of the finger, as you would in your car. Windows and sliding doors are closed and locked by electric motors. At the same time, the front door locks at multiple points. Smart window handles are locked, ensuring additional security for windows. Even skylights and garage doors can be integrated into the central locking system. The result is a fully secure building envelope and a feeling of complete security.


Coming Home

Is there any better welcome home than a house that opens automatically? With just a tap of your finger, the garage door closes automatically, the front door unlocks and the light in the hallway switches on for a few minutes. The blinds go up and the sliding door opens. Windows open to the tilt position and wall-mounted ventilators refresh the air as required. Once there is enough fresh air in the building, the windows and sliding door close again. This creates a healthy indoor environment and saves energy when heating the building in winter or cooling it in summer.


Leaving Home

Your home is always just right – even when you're not there. That's because the customisable scenarios guarantee security and comfort while you're away. The front door locks. So do the windows and sliding doors. Roller shutters and external blinds are closed and the outside lights are switched on. Selected motorised windows move into the night vent position. Wall-mounted ventilators facilitate basic ventilation, operating in a particularly energy-saving mode. And because you're not there, the smart robot hoover starts doing its rounds as well.


Night-time cooling

The best time to ventilate your home in summer is at night, when the air outside is cooler than inside. Windows open to the tilt position, activated via the app, by voice control or with a timer profile. Sliding doors move to the night vent position for effective cross ventilation. Motorised skylights open to allow warm air to escape upwards. Wall-mounted ventilators facilitate the exchange of air to ensure particularly effective night-time ventilation. In the early hours of the morning, the windows and sliding doors close again automatically. It is both secure and convenient and creates a healthy indoor environment without the need for energy-intensive air-conditioning units.


360° room comfort. With 360° forward thinking.
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And for you.