Smart window handle

Security and convenience, magically combined in a single product. Thanks to its smart features, it eliminates the security risk associated with keys becoming stuck, as well as the inconvenience of searching for keys. With the smart window handle, you can lock and unlock windows and patio doors digitally. In addition to boasting smart features such as the opening and locking monitoring systems, remote access and the Leaving Home function, it can also be integrated into a Matter-enabled smart home. This means the handle can be controlled using an app or voice assistant and integrated into customised scenarios involving smart home devices from other producers. For example, the heating or air-conditioning system is automatically turned down as soon as a window is opened in order to save energy. 

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Smart sensor

The new smart security solution reliably detects the locking status of the window based on the position of the hardware. A quick check on the app or using a voice assistant is all it takes to reliably find out whether all the windows in the house are locked or closed – whether you're at home or out and about. Since it is compatible with Matter technology, it can also be integrated into customised scenarios, allowing the heating or air conditioning to be automatically turned down as soon as a window is opened, for example. The sensor can be concealed in the window frame to achieve a sleek, clean look, but it can also be used as a surface-mounted contact sensor for monitoring the entire building shell, for example with sliding doors. 

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