Automatic multi-point locking system BS 3700

With its self-adjustment feature, the innovative automatic multi-point locking system BS 3700 allows fabricators to make considerable time and cost savings: the intelligent design of the locking elements and matching frame parts means there is no longer any need to make readjustments on-site at any point in the door's product life cycle. If the locking elements come to a standstill before reaching the end position, they are locked by a back-pressure safety device to reliably hold the door leaf in position. The automatic 20 mm clearance between the hook bolt and main lock bolt ensures a high level of security. The door also opens effortlessly and smoothly thanks to the low-friction combination of materials.

01 Bs 3700 580x350

Axxent door hinge 750 ALU

The innovative door hinge for aluminium front doors combines a contemporary design in on-trend black or silver with additional benefits: concealed in the profile, it reliably accommodates high sash weights of up to 180 kg and provides burglar resistance to RC2 without any additional components. The low-friction door hinge bearing makes it easy to open and close heavy door sashes. The door hinge offers efficient fabrication thanks to the ease with which the 3D adjustment mechanism, which is integrated into the sash component, can be adjusted. Assembly can also be automated without the need to loosen the load-bearing screws – no additional components are required in order to adjust the height. To complete this innovative solution, there are self-tapping screws to facilitate automated production processes and intuitive "click-in" technology for greater reliability.

02 Tuerband Axxent 750 Alu 580x350px

Sensor door handle

In the field of locking technology for doors, SIEGENIA is showcasing an unprecedented and innovative operating concept for the front door of the future: the multifunctional sensor door handle makes opening and closing internal doors easier, faster and more intuitive than ever before. The elegant sliding grip, which replaces the lever handle and cylinder lock, allows additional smart functions such as daytime release and child-proof locks to be activated. Intelligent proximity sensors also minimise waiting times by preparing the door for opening. Suitable for locking and unlocking doors using KFV GENIUS or the KFV A-opener, the innovative sensor door handle can be used in combination with a motorised opening system for maximum ease of use. The product is expected to be available to the first pilot customers by the end of the year. 

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