ALU axxent PLUS 170 kg

In an innovative further development of the ALU axxent PLUS, the ALU axxent PLUS 170 kg hinge side is capable of supporting heavy sashes weighing up to 170 kg. Together with its concealed appearance, this makes it possible to create expansive glazed areas with narrow frame widths to allow plenty of light in and enable a modern room design. The new hinge side features non-corrosive materials for exceptional durability and the option of burglar resistance up to RC3 for outstanding quality. Fabricators will benefit from the high efficiency of the solution both in production and assembly. Its design is identical to that of the predecessor version, meaning that established production processes can continue to be used.

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ALU axxent PLUS LK

Providing a demand-based supply of fresh air in office, commercial and public buildings – space-saving and secure: with the ALU axxent PLUS LK, the hardware variant for ventilation flaps, it is possible to ventilate a room without sacrificing space. Designed for narrow turning sashes with a sash width of 170 mm and above or for flat skylights, this variant of the ALU axxent PLUS makes it possible to create aesthetically pleasing linked elements that combine conventional opening types and ventilation flaps. The solution is also available in a burglar-resistant version in accordance with RC2.

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TITAN safety and comfort opening restrictors

Turning windows to open them is easy and effortless, but not all windows should be capable of being opened unrestricted. That's why SIEGENIA has developed two special restrictors, which limit the turn-opening of turning sashes and turn-and-tilt sashes to a maximum of 89 mm, without the need for additional release mechanisms on the window sash. With the comfort version, the restrictor can be decoupled quickly and easily if needed with a flick of the wrist. In addition, a version compliant with EN 13126-5 is also available for cases with special requirements in terms of child safety. This version now comes fitted with an anti-slam device, which prevents the sash from closing unintentionally when ventilating the room. 

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