DRIVE axxent LS

A powerful combination of function and design: the innovative motorised drive for lift-and-slide elements opens up new possibilities for high-end residential and commercial buildings. The concealed installation of the lift drive is a familiar feature, but now the sliding drive can also be installed without the need for any surface-mounted components or additional covers. Thanks to its compact design, the DRIVE axxent LS is also suitable for use with narrow profile systems and compatible with all frame materials. The only reminder that this is a motorised element comes in the form of a discreet operator control knob with an operating light to ensure fail-safe operation. Ease of use is further enhanced thanks to an exceptionally quiet lifting action and a reduced lifting time of just three seconds. Fabricators also benefit from its fast processing times and easy installation. The DRIVE axxent LS will be available from the summer of this year.

01 Drive Axxent Ls 580x350px

HS slim SKY axxent

A high-quality complete solution that blurs the boundaries between inside and out: the HS slim SKY axxent, which will be available from the autumn, maximises the amount of natural light coming into the building with a virtually frameless design. To achieve this, it combines the ultra-slim frame widths of the HS slim – owing to the sleek and compact components of the hardware all the way around – with the visually appealing design of the fixed panel, made possible by the ECO PASS SKY axxent threshold: the elegant alignment of the profile flush with the floor surface and the concealed profiles at the top and sides allow for an even larger glass surface. With the ECO PASS 0-mm level threshold, the lift-and-slide element for timber and timber-aluminium profiles can be concealed in the wall such that only the slimline sash is then visible. 

02 Hs Slim Axxent 580x350px

ECO PASS 0-mm level threshold

Uncompromising accessibility. This is the standard we strive for in order to create future-proof living and working spaces. Our new threshold for lift-and-slide elements therefore far exceeds the minimum requirements for barrier-free construction: by enabling access without even the smallest of obstacles thanks to a running rail that is recessed entirely into the profile. It is suitable for profile systems made of timber, timber-aluminium and, now for the first time, PVC. The requirements for efficient and safe production, on the other hand, can never be too high. That's why the threshold is made to measure as a COMFORT UNIT and can be ordered fully pre-assembled. What's more, high-quality installation solutions guarantee a professional, ift-certified sill installation. 

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Smooth-running sliding windows that adapt perfectly to fit any room, whilst at the same time offering the advantages of a turn-and-tilt solution: this is the philosophy behind our comprehensive improvements to our sliding hardware. Its wraparound sash hardware is based on the tried-and-tested TITAN central locking gear, ensuring a reliable seal and a high level of burglar resistance to RC2. Fabricators benefit from cost-efficient production with just a few additional parts. Its suitability for a wide range of profile systems and the optional design features make it an excellent all-rounder for a variety of requirements.

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